It’s all about promoting your business

Get messenger platform for FREE and send messages instantly to any country at a fixed cheaper price. Unlike other providers, our prices for SMS do not vary.



Highly integrable

HELLO MESSENGER can act as a module or an API that you can integrate with your up and running business systems that need to send SMS. ie. loan, payroll, accounting, school, hospital software.

Free identity

No annual license charges for your sender name. They are all covered in the number of SMSes you purchase from Amatics Enterprise SMS packages at a reasonable price.

for all kinds of usage

Unlike local operators, Amatics SMS packages are meant for Business-to-Business, Business-to-Individual, Individual-to-Business & Individual-to-individual.

Worldwide coverage

Send SMS instantly to any country at a fixed cheaper price. Unlike other providers, our prices for SMS do not vary.

Packages that never expire

You do not need to worry about expiry of your message bundle. For us, SMSes live forever. So Relax, Keep Calm and Send your SMS.

Global authenticity

With a global authenticity, no loophole for any kind of theft ie. mobile money theft. No one else would use your sender name.



All your data is password protected and requires further verification by SMS or email. Only authorized, and authentic users have access to your account.

Manage your own account

You are the only one managing your account. No one including your vendor manages your SMS account.

Auditing is easy

Operation user logs are available all the time for the purpose of auditing and tracking user trails. Very useful in times of failure or fraud.

We have gatekeepers for you

With a non disclosure agreement (NDA) and all contracts signed between us, rest assured no one will get your information from us.

Attacks on SMS carrier technology

The weakest link in security is the mobile phone itself. HELLO MESSENGER uses a highly secure SMS Gateway to secure your messages.

Automatic database and files backup

The system supports user based customization. Set your regular day and time for automatic backup of your data, system files or both.